Behind Blunder Cover: A Conversation with Monika Blunder

Celebrity makeup artist and Blunder Cover founder Monika Blunder tells us all about her new product line — from the inspiration behind it, to the development process, and everything in between.

Monika Blunder is a celebrity makeup artist based out of Los Angeles whose celebrity client list includes Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Garner, among countless others. Inspired by her many years of experience in the industry and her amazing clients, along with her Austrian roots and her family, Monika wanted to create a dynamic product in which you can have complete confidence: from the ingredients themselves to the overall effectiveness upon application. We were excited to hear more from Monika about her time developing the product and what she's most passionate about regarding this new launch — read on for more!

Q: What inspired you to create this product?

So many things! My upbringing in Europe, my daughter, and all of my beautiful and strong clients. I actually wanted to call this line Zart, which means “tender, gentle, and soft” in German, because that really sums up everything I believe about makeup and what inspires me.

Q: How has your experience in the makeup industry influenced the way Blunder Cover was created?

I’ve been in the industry for over two decades now, and I’ve definitely developed a style. I’m best known for how I do skin; all my makeup looks are very natural and fresh with a big emphasis on healthy, glowing skin. That’s why I started with a complexion product — to create something that was truly my dream product to use.

Q: How have your Austrian roots inspired the creation of Blunder Cover?

In Austria, things are so different. My parents were so clean, natural, and minimalist, and that was just normal. They have always brought their own bags to the store, and they always recycle and compost. I grew up so much in tune with that and wanted it to carry over into Monika Blunder Beauty. My family also created healing waters with native botanicals that I grew up using regularly, and have such gratitude to my native mountain herbs, especially arnica and edelweiss. I’m so excited to incorporate them into my products!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the development process for the product?

I’ve been dreaming of creating a product line for years, but the ball was finally put into motion about a year and a half ago. This involved a lot of dreaming and brainstorming, followed by long talks with chemists and scientists to come up with the perfect clean and natural formula. I spent a large part of that time selecting the shades as well. That’s one part I am really proud of. I think we have a really special range of shades to start, and I’m so excited that the next 5 shades are already in the works. They’ll be coming out in 2021.

Q: What excites you most about people finally getting to try Blunder Cover?

I’m so excited to connect with people in a new way! I’ve loved having a YouTube channel for so many years because it lets me connect with so many people in such a special way, and creating an actual product that you can hold and touch and wear feels really special to me. I can’t wait to see all the different ways people wear Blunder Cover!

Q: Are you able to let us know some of your best tips and tricks for using Blunder Cover? Are there any cool, unique ways to use it that may not be seen as “conventional”?

Blunder Cover is a foundation/concealer hybrid, so you don’t need any other complexion products aside from it. It sheers down and builds up so beautifully; it really is incredibly versatile. I like to start by applying with my fingers, blending it out with the Hybrid Cream Brush (which I developed to work with Blunder Cover!), and then using my finger or a pencil brush to go in and spot conceal. I also like to use a shade lighter under the eyes to brighten, and a shade or two darker to sculpt and contour. Blunder Cover also plays well with sponges!

Q: What are some product benefits you're the most excited about?

I’m most excited that this product is CLEAN! When I started researching, I was amazed to find out how many makeup products (and even skincare!) are completely loaded with scary ingredients. I’m so excited that this formulation is effective, but also contains nothing I would be worried about my daughter or myself using. We’ve also added some really beautiful ingredients like arnica, edelweiss, aloe vera, sunflower extract, chamomile, and rosemary extract to really give your skin love while you wear Blunder Cover.

Q: What are your tips for those who may have trouble finding a shade that works for them?

I find that having a “summer shade” and a “winter shade” is helpful. We all naturally get a little darker or lighter depending on the time of the year, and having two shades that you can mix between to make your perfect shade for that day is a great way to make sure you’re always matched no matter what time of the year. You can also use the lighter shade to highlight and the darker shade to sculpt! You can also always DM me on Instagram @MonikaBlunderBeauty and I will personally help you find your shade.


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Monika Blunder
Monika Blunder
Monika Blunder is a Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist. She trained under some of the most highly regarded experts in the industry including Kevin Aucoin and Paul Starr. Her roster of clients includes Jessica Alba, Gemma Chan, Megan Fox, Jennifer Garner, Amanda Seyfried, America Ferrera and many more. Monika loves empowering women through beauty, and you’ll often see her sharing tutorials and insider tips on Instagram and YouTube.
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