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Gift Guide for Skincare Freaks, 25% off select items w/code CHARLOTTE

All are affiliate links . For the skincare obsessive in your life (clearly yourself +1).

Forever Eye Mask
NEVER BUY ANOTHER EYE MASK AGAIN! The Forever Eye Mask traps your creams and serums to create an occlusive layer helping minimize fine lines and moisturize your most delicate skin.
26% off with code Charlotte: Beautystat Universal C Skin Refiner
Such a solid Vit C! Lasts way longer than most as it's properly stabilized and is in an airless package. Just around $60 with the discount.
26% off today w/code CHARLOTTE: Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device
For someone who is just starting their microcurrent journey.
Eltamd Laser Balm Post-Procedure Healing Ointment 3.8 Oz
People get freaked out by Vaseline but for moms, thicker, more emollient creams are THE LORD'S WORK. Here's one I suggest (have 2 more)
For moms that are weirded out by Vaseline. Has essential oils so not good for the sensitive skin people! It's not "hydrating" but this over a cream? Dream team.
Ppl ascribe chicness to being French so here's a good product for dry skin.
Again, fancy vaseline/cold cream with benefits.
Solid sunscreen and for your mom/older human in your life it's moisturizing which is key.