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Updated: Ilaria’s New Shelf

Here are the products we used during your lesson. I’ve written the shades in the description so read before you click on link. Hover over “i” for more info/ application tips

*Order Shade Light-Medium when you click on link **WANDER BEAUTY | Dualist Concealer
Use the lipstick side (matte) around your nose, on chin, and anywhere yo u see redness of discoloration. Use the liquid side (illuminating) anywhere you want to add light (infer corners of eyes over your makeup forever darker color corrector, at outer corners of lips to lift, on brow bone, etc). Apply either with your fingertips or your Kjaer Weis “Eraser” brush in a cross-hatching motion to blend and finish by patting in to blend with clean fingertip.
**Order Shade Coffee when you click on link **KIMIKO BEAUTY | Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique
Sketch in any sparse areas with this hard formula pencil (which you may use before or after (or instead of) your Benefit Brow Gel) and use the spoolie end to soften and blend. If you’ve applied too much my trick is to brush/ pat a little bit of translucent powder over the top to soften.
BY TERRY | Hyaluronic Hydra Powder
Use lightly to set wherever you applied your concealer and throughout the day as needed to control shine
MILK MAKEUP | Blur Stick
I didn’t go over this on our lesson but this is another nice option to control shine if you don’t feel like powdering - simply apply stick wherever you see unwanted shine and it mattes it down and blurs pores without getting cakey
KEVYN AUCOIN | The Eyelash Curler
Angle chin up, gaze down with your eyes as if you’re reading a book and curl at the base of your lashes
Remember the starburst effect- wiggle the wand in roots and think of your lash in 3 parts: outer 1/3 pull out, center 1/3 pull up, inner 1/3 pull in.
**Buy brown shade, Cocoa **VICTORIA BECKHAM BEAUTY | Satin Kajal Liner - Cocoa
I like to do eyeliner after shadow. So first apply a wash of your Kjaer Weis Charmed which I’ll link below. Sharpen before applying. Do little ticks rather than 1 swoop. Thicker at outside thinner at inside. Blend out with your tiny pencil brush in little circles to buff in and blend color. Then clean up with a little concealer in your eraser brush, curl lashes and do mascara.
This is the beautiful plummy taupe shimmer I popped this onto your lid over the Beige KW Charmed shadow to give a little soft shimmer. Also used a little under your lower lashes with a tiny pencil brush as liner
All-over eye shadow brush: use to apply your Kjaer Weis to lid and through crease
Use to smudge your eyeliner top and, if you’re using there , bottom
Use to apply bronzer under lower lashes. You may also use this brush to smudge top liner it’ll just be thicker and more diffused than if you use the tiny pencil brush.